tick tock.

Sometimes it is hard to remember to post daily, when you have things going on in everyday life outside of the social media world. Except when you find a cute picture like this, it makes you remember. Mookie has the cutest behind for a dog that I have ever seen. When she lays down with both of her thighs up and her long tail following behind her, it tends to look like an elephant. I will have to post that soon so I don’t keep everyone so curious.


Blast from her past.

Tonights post is short. Just some insanely adorable baby Mookie photos. Watching her grow has been one of the best things I have ever experienced. I know everyone says their dog ( or child ) is or was the cutest puppy. I truly can’t express to anyone more how she really was the most adorable baby I had seen!

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This was on one of my memories apps a few weeks back. This was last summer after John ( Mookies dad ) came back in from diving off the beach. He brought home a huge bag of clams. Mookies favorite thing is seeing him come back out of the ocean, knowing he is safe and on land. Even more so when he brings home treats like these! Shortly after fresh homemade stuffed, baked clams where served up back at the house. Mookie had a hard time resisting! By far one of my all time favorite memories.IMG_1202IMG_1972




Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone got off to a great start. We all have a little trouble getting up to beat at the start of our weeks! This is Mookie, and her older brother Earl showing us how much of a drag it is. Earl came to us from a family here in Massachusetts. Fun fact about Earl is he was born with only half of his tail. I was originally searching around to find a bob tail breeder. When I saw his picture posted online to adopt him, I fell in love. The only thing the women made clear to me, was that he was born with half of his tail and that she had hoped I didn’t mind that. I saw this as faite Earl was meant to be here with me and he’s been an amazing brother to Mookie. He may be smaller, but he is older and wiser then his goofy large sister.  :p


Fall 2016

Here are some very sweet pictures of Mookie from last fall. I noticed a large patch yellow leaves that settle very thickly on the path to home. I figured it was the perfect little back drop for fall pictures, with the right angle. I have to say. I was right! After taking these pictures of her, I couldn’t stop looking at them and showing her off to friends for weeks. Most people love to see how wonderful she is. I do know I am very obnoxious when it comes to being a proud dog mommy. Even Mookie seems to realize that as well. 🙂

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Dog in the fog.

Fog has never stopped us from taking Mookie to the beach. In fact it is one of our favorite times to go. The water was smooth like butter and flat sand that looks like brown sugar perfectly packed down. Not a single soul out there except us and a very happy Mookie. Giving her plenty of free range to run like crazy. I like to think when she gets to run in the sand at her favorite beach, that it acts as a pumas stone, taking off any rough areas on her paws. Enjoy this little slide show of Mookie in her all time happy place.

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