Our season.

Hoping our season will hurry and come fast. Maybe summer will stay awhile. Missing those awesome days or nights when John ( Mookie hooman dad ) would go out and dive for all kinds of goodies, right off the beach! Mookie loved eating all the fresh caught fish! She is so spoiled. Hope this year brings us plenty of this. Nothing sweeter then seeing Mookie wait and watch for her favorite person in the world to come back to shore. IMG_1202



Where is Spring & Summer?

Last year on my birthday! August 20th,2017, Mookie and I took a trip to New Hampshire to visit my mom at her work. We had a nice breakfast at this wonderful farm. Apple Crest Orchard, there where so many animals and beautiful gardens. It makes me wonder if we will ever get to nice weather here in New England.



650 square feet was good.

These used to be some of my favorite days. Although our old apartment in downtown Plymouth was only about 650 ft, above a pizza shop, and noise from every angle of people visiting Plymouths history. I miss relaxing with Mookie at our feet, staying in bed late, and enjoying coffee and breakfast at our bed side tables. It was so simple then.




Meh to you Winter.


Sometimes I’ll snap multiple pictures of Mookie all at once. When I do I usually capture a picture that appears Mookie is doing something funny on purpose. This picture I imagine Mookie is sticking her tongue out at the Winter saying goodbye forever! Or at least until next year. Mookie is also a massive slobber mouth, if you didn’t notice.


You don’t know what ya had.

Tonight I am thinking about our times at the beach. We used to go so often. After moving to the farm, we hardly ever left. It makes us miss our shacky little apartment above the pizza shop. Mainly because it forced us out for adventure frequently. Mookie’s favorite place is the beach, and its time to get our beach bum back on this summer. Now that we aren’t on the farm anymore we couldn’t be happier to seek out our adventures again! Living in the little apartment in downtown Plymouth wasn’t so bad after all. I guess the saying “ you don’t know what you had until its gone.” Seems to have truth behind it. This is my favorite picture of Mookie at one of our beach days.


It was great.

For a short time, we where enjoying farm life. That is now long gone. It was fun while it lasted for those short 6 months. We had to move on, soon well be back at the beach and in our happy place. “Life goes on to bigger and better things.”Mookie always says.

Long time no post.

We are sorry for out absence from blog posting. I have started a new job, and although I still have plenty of time to spend with Mookie. Posting on all her medias has become a little more difficult to keep up with, along with everyday life task… like keeping my messy house clean :p. What brought me back to the blog today, was finding this adorable picture of Mookie so happy to have her paws in the sand! Also a clear picture of how beautiful her eyes are! Well be back soon. If not daily ,well maybe every other day!